Question by C1M: Funny, but cute halloween costume ideas for a twelve year old girl? I really need halloween costume ideas! The more you give the better chance of best answer you get! I was think of being Wendy from the Wendy’s logo, but I’m not sure if people will think I’m Pipi Longstockings. Also, […]


Halloween costume ideas for 14 year old girl?

by admin on December 24, 2012

Question by Genna‚ô•: Halloween costume ideas for 14 year old girl? I’m 14 years old, and I need a halloween costume idea! I don’t want anything to sexy/slutty. and I DON’T really want anything scary, like a witch, devil, dracula, etc. Any cute ideas? Best answer: Answer by Anna MI’m 14 and I’m pretty set […]


by …love Maegan Question by Brit: What are some sexy Halloween costume ideas for a girl with long curly black hair? I’m going to a Halloween-themed party next weekend (yes i know it’s august) and I can’t think of what to wear. I have really long, thick, curly black hair that would be cool to […]


by Alaskan Dude Question by .: What are some costume ideas for a renaissance fair for a guy and for a girl? Best answer: Answer by TI made my boyfriend’s Ren Faire costume at the last minute – it’s easy for guys. Take an old white dress shirt, rip off all the buttons, rip off […]