by georgeogoodman Question by Anthony M: How do I clean my Roman Gladius Sword? I have a katana cleaning kit, do I use that for my Roman Gladius? Here is what my sword is: Best answer: Answer by Dood (7th account)ask this in the swords or knives section or something. You’d have better answers. […]


Full Size 39″ Roman Battle Ready Maximus Gladiator Gladius Sword New


Wooden Roman Gladius Gladiator Trooper Greek Sword New True Grip Design resembles real Sword Low Price Ideal for Practice Real Wooden Construction Classic Roman Sword Reproduction This is a 27 ” Wooden Gladius Roman Sword. The sword is perfect as a prop, for plays, or just for fun. List Price: $ 0.00 Price:


Question by : What weapon killed the most people, roman gladius sword or the ak47? Surely there the two top killers, but if there’s another weapon what killed 100s of thousands of people please let me know Best answer: Answer by DerricWinter and cold enviroments have killed more people than both of those combined. Add […]


Cold Metal Gladius Trainer

by admin on March 12, 2012

Cold Metal Gladius Coach Blade Length: 22″ Deal with: seven-7/eight” Polypropelene Overall: 31″ Blade Thick: three/4″ The greatest of the world’s sword fighters have recognized a straightforward truth for ages… if you want to turn out to be a fairly good sword fighter you should endeavor to discover sword combating methods, footwork and the standard […]