Codex Wallerstein: A Medieval Fighting Book from the Fifteenth Century on the Longsword, Falchion, Dagger, and Wrestling

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The Codex Wallerstein is one particular of the best known of the late medieval fencing treatises nevertheless in existence. Even though possibly not as broadly identified as Talhoffer 1467 or Flos Duellatorum, it is just as important to students of the Western martial arts. Originally written in Center Large German for the duration of the late 14th and early 15th centuries, the Codex Wallerstein has lengthy been available to scholars in microfilm format from Augusburg University. Now with the publication of this guide, the text and drawings

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The Connoisseurs Guide of Japanese Swords

by admin on April 2, 2009

The Connoisseurs Guide of Japanese Swords

Just lately Japanese swords have obtained enormous recognition as art objects with collectors and fans about the planet, but until now a lot of the most in depth details on the subject matter has been offered only in Japanese. This thorough manual to the appreciation and appraisal of the blades of Japanese swords provides, at final, all the background that viewers need to have to grow to be accurate connoisseurs.

The e-book is organized along historical lines for the sake of clarity and ease, and

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The Japanese Sword: A Complete Tutorial (Japanese Arts Library)

The Japanese sword brings together unbreakability, rigidity, and lethal cutting power, and it is in the resolution of these conflicting sensible demands that it emerges as a triumph of the forger’s art. The mystique of the sword lingers on in our age of mechanized overcome, but the aesthetic traits for which swords are most valued by collectors these days-the liveliness of the metal “skin,” the confidence in each and every aspect of the style, the scrolling temper-line, the almost buoyant lightness of the hello there

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