Question by Mitch: What are some good Halloween costumes for long haired guys?
I am trying to get a head start on looking for Halloween costumes, because I always have trouble finding ones that work with my hair. My hair is just a little longer than shoulder length. All the ones I want to do require short hair. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Stella
A hippie dude

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Question by Michael Santoro: What was the shooting that concerned males in armored suits and had problems acquiring shot?
I will not know considerably detail about it but a couple of a long time in the past, I believe there were guys in armored fits concerned in a robbery and it took a prolonged time for them to get shot down. I do not know the name of this occasion or where it happened, but some thing helps make me want to say that it happened in Washington.

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Answer by UKFAN74
It was in LA.. the guys robbed a financial institution and shot it out with cops for many hrs. The cops took weapons from regional gun shop to combat back with because they ended up out gunned.

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