Query by JOe S: When hammering SHEET METAL into a medieval helmet, how do I make it into a bowl form?
Hi there I am making use of sheet metal to make medieval helmets, I was in a position to get a bucket form factor down extremely properly with a movable visor and every little thing, But at the top of the helm i can uncover a way to bowl it out to fit my head.

I need to have to locate a way to measure my head with paper to make patters, so I can backup people onto metal and hammer it into a helm.

The sheet metal is gentle sufficient so that if you drive and pull truly tough then you can bend it but it still holds its shape genuinely nicely until you give it a hammering.

Im not utilizing heating ether…..

How need to i do it?

Very best reply:

Just place the sheet metal on your head and hit with a hammer.

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by admin on July 20, 2008

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medieval hammer

Image by dockdrumming
Used at Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park, around the cloisters museum, in September 2007

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medieval hammer

Picture by hans s
making a new hammer

medieval hammer

Image by Rhubarble
Decoration on the hammer in the mint