Whetstone Cutlery Authentic Hand Forged Roman Sword

Whetstone Cutlery Authentic Hand Forged Roman Sword

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Hand forged roman soldier sword this hand forged sword looks real as if it were in a real battle from the roman empire.  it was built by hand to give it the authentic look like these roman swords of old. The hand forged sword has the look of imperfections that a hand made sword would have, but this is a brand new item! the metal on the sheath is real brass. Specifications: overall length: 29.75 blade length: 19.5 blade thickness: 3/32 blade material: high carbon steel blade that is hand for

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Issue by ~Emma~: How did they make planks by hand in the medieval days?
I don’t forget viewing a documentary about the center ages and some place residences. I’ve often beloved that outdated rustic appear that they got from creating crude planks with axes. How is it they could get a entire sized tree, and make straight, thick, durable, broad, and amazing hunting planks? It is confused me eternally.

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Reply by mariner31
Saws have been in existence since prehistory, BUT one more common method (utilized up by way of the 1800’s in rural America) is with an Ax, a Sledge-hammer, and Wedges.

One splits the log in fifty percent by hammering wedges… a single then can split more planks off that log with More wedges.

I’ve completed that myself on a cabin I created back again in 1979, and lately with a tree (oak) that fell during a winter season storm on our ranch. We got 12 two by twelve inch planks of 15 foot in length.

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