CAS Hanwei Godfred Sword

by admin on July 15, 2009

CAS Hanwei Godfred Sword

  • Interwoven leather Grip
  • Damascus Guard and Pommel
  • Leather Coated Wood Scabbard

Named for the feared 8th century Viking raider, our Godfred Sword is constructed close to a superbly patterned folded metal blade to replicate the pre-9th century originals. The interwoven leather grip, complemented by a Damascus guard and pommel, is matched by the leather-covered wood scabbard with bronze detailing and integral belt hooks. Superbly balanced, because of to the deeply fullered distal tapered blade profile, the Godfred is a genuine tribute to the legendary Norse smiths.

List Cost: $ 619.00

Price tag: $ 899.95


Hanwei Practical As well as Elite Katana Sword

by admin on February 18, 2009

Hanwei Useful As well as Elite Katana Sword

  • Blade Length – 28 one/2in. Take care of Duration – eleven one/2in.
  • Overall Duration – 40 one/2in. Fat – 2lb 7oz.
  • Level of Stability – five 1/2in. Width at Guard – 1.39in. Width at Suggestion – 1.03in.
  • Thickness at Guard – .26in. Thickness at Suggestion – .16in.
  • Economical cutter High quality Fittings Standard building

The Useful Plus Katana offers a extremely inexpensive reducing sword as trusted as the Functional Katana (SH6000KPC), but using much more classic fittings and construction methods. The blade is forged and differentially hardened (HRC60 edge, HRC40 back) and the hamon is prominent. The Functional In addition functions authentic Identical (Rayskin) on the Tsuka, with a tightly-woven cotton wrap (Tsuka-Ito). The extended tang is double-pegged for security. The fittings of the Useful In addition are adorned in a Japanese

Record Price tag: $ 299.00

Cost: $ 357.23


CAS Hanwei Sensible Viking Sword

by admin on October 24, 2008

CAS Hanwei Sensible Viking Sword

  • Produced for the Re-enactor
  • Complies With Basic safety Requirements
  • Genuine Search and Really feel

Our Practical broadswords are all primarily based on authentically styled swords in our selection but they are tailored to meet the wants of re-enactment and stage combat. These quite well-liked and inexpensive weapons feature authentic hilt styling, with totally tempered un-edged and un-pointed blades. They are made to withstand rugged use even though providing the level of basic safety required by numerous of today’s re-enactment societies. The blades are crafted from 1065 substantial-carbon steel, hardened to 50HRC, which re

Listing Price tag: $ 129.00

Price: $ 159.99