Question by : oregon christmas parade attempted bomber – what should happen to this man/boy?


his plan failed but it this story is to be believed, he would have definitely gone through with it. what do you think should happen to people like this? I wouldn’t object to a medieval type of justice to be served up in cases like this. he would have wiped out whole families if he had his way.

is his age a mitigating factor? is he the victim of brainwashing? is he mentally ill? or is he just a bad person who deserves the worst suffering imaginable?
to Paul Jackson – there is one important difference between me and them. I would do it as punishment/retribution. they would inflict a medieval act randomly on innocent people they have never met.

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Answer by rkbtoo
either life in prison or the death penalty would be good

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Question by Alias: Why isn’t going to the American press report gruesome gang-style killings that happen in the U.S.?
Can American citizens entirely trust their more and more corporate-owned press to give us the entire tale? For instance, why do we never listen to about the jail gang murders that consider place in or out of prisons during the country – specifically in the southwestern states?

Observing documentaries this kind of as “Gangland” reveals ugly gang murders often carried out in Medieval-, Zulu-, Ninja- or Mayan-type. But these particulars never make it into the mainstream news. Is our press failing us by trying to keep us in the dim about all the sorts of men and women between us?
Recognize I wrote IN OR OUT of prison. Any one of us could wind up witnessing a torching incident in our neighborhood or town.

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Solution by Hermie Butmar
That would upset individuals! Much better to just keep harping on individuals nasty regulations like SB1070 that help save lives! Following all what is improper with ignoring the problem?

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