Medieval Warrior Skull Helmet: Skullcap Helm

by admin on December 21, 2011

Medieval Warrior Skull Helmet: Skullcap Helm

  • Wearable Medieval Costume
  • Great Helmet for the Theatre, Movies or Daunting Foes
  • Padding not Incorporated
  • All Hand Created – Some slight differences in measurement and end could take place
  • Wonderful Helmet

This fashion of a intense Gladiator Skull Helmet was most commonly worn by Gladiators, who would fight to the loss of life in a battle arena. Its pointed top rated serves to deflect blows by sword or other pummeling equipment away from the head.The total dimensions Skullcap is crafted from steel. It stands about 17″ higher. It will make a great addition to any Gladiator costume or assortment.

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Question by Retard in a duck costume: What is the distinction among a helm and a conical helmet?
I am performing a medieval magazine report for grade 9 sose and are undertaking the big difference among conical and helm hetmets. help?

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Response by Curiously, purple
I was just likely to give you the reply, but located all this things on Wiki and imagined you would locate it as exciting as I.

Go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helmet

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