Question by Jennifer: How did they make medieval knights helmets?
I am carrying out a task for school on medieval knights helmets,
( http://www.a2armory.com/medspan.html – is the 1 I am using)
and I can’t find a web site that explains how they made them (in the old periods- not now) or what type of things they built them out of. If you know of a great site, make sure you inform me.

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Reply by dr. yahoo
I would E-mail this guy…


I have witnessed his function, personally, and it really is brilliant.
He’s nicely recognized in the circles that do Renn Faires and the likes.

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Medieval Helmets

by admin on November 21, 2009

Some awesome medieval helmet photographs:

Medieval Helmets
medieval helmet

Image by NoPro2009
Abbey Medieval 2010

– Remarks are appreciated

Maximilian Helmet
medieval helmet

Image by Fernando Rossi
Maximilian was a genuine Renaissance male. He was a author and a excellent patron of scholars and renowned artists this sort of as Albrecht Dürer and Hans Burgkmair. In addition, he firmly supported the armorer’s craft, particularly in the imperial metropolis of Innsbruck….

[ More facts &amp Larger dimensions ]


Question by Shadow and Flame Armory: does any one particular know of a good reputable internet site or individual that makes customized medieval helmets?
I am trying to locate somebody with knowledge and reliability that will custom make a medieval helmet.
I have all ready checked my nearby Renaissance Fest and didn’t have considerably luck.
Any aid would be appreciated! Many thanks!

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Response by Boromir
No I do not sorry

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