by Albion Europe ApS Question by Jade Rat: What sword was the most effective in history? As in like, the Japanese Katana, the Roman Gladius, Scottish Claymore things like that. What had the biggest impact? Was was the most balanced? I think, the Japanese Katana was the best, It was light, very durable folded sometimes […]


by The Armatura Press Question by Lisa: what was the difference between a wealthy Roman and a poor Roman in Ancient Rome history? I wanted to know, what were the differences between the wealthy Romans (patrician) and a poor Roman (plebeian)? What could a patrician do that a plebeian couldn’t? I can’t seem to find […]

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by Fergal of Claddagh Question by malcolm tucker: Why is the conservative Texas University Board re-producing history? They’re re-composing their text guides and it will likely influence the total nation. For instance: – Thomas Jefferson no lengthier involved between writers influencing the nation’s intellectual origins. Jefferson, a deist who assisted pioneer the legal concept of […]