Question by Jade Rat: What sword was the most effective in history?
As in like, the Japanese Katana, the Roman Gladius, Scottish Claymore things like that.

What had the biggest impact? Was was the most balanced?

I think, the Japanese Katana was the best, It was light, very durable folded sometimes as many 900 times, it wasn’t much for cutting though thick metal armor though- although the Japanese preferred lighter leather armor at the time.

It was so effective, it was doubled as a shield in the hands of a skilled swordsmen.

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Answer by miltonfinster
The ExCalibur

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Question by Lisa: what was the difference between a wealthy Roman and a poor Roman in Ancient Rome history?
I wanted to know, what were the differences between the wealthy Romans (patrician) and a poor Roman (plebeian)? What could a patrician do that a plebeian couldn’t? I can’t seem to find all the info I want or need and I want to learn about Life in Ancient Rome. Please help!

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Answer by Swissman
What mainly separated the two was political life. Patricians were the senator class; only they can act as consuls. They ruled Rome and were extremely wealthy. Their social and economic status came from the lots of land they owned.
Plebeians were from all stratums of society. Some of them were very rich but were disbarred from political life when the Etruscans were overthrown (since they were Etruscan themselves) on 508 B.C. The plebians soon after started electing a tribune as their leader. For them they had the same prestige as a consul (there were two consuls during the Republic; they were the highest political seats and acted as kings but were elected, like presidents if you will). The number of tribunes increased to ten some time during the fifth century and politically they became very respected figures and there were laws that protected them as being sacred and should not be harmed. The tribunes were the leaders at the popular assemblies (these assemblies were where the laws were passed during the monarchic and Republic period). The plebians soon started being granted political power when they threatened to secede (stop fighting for Rome) and Roman enemies were at her gates. This technique worked great. By 376 BC the Sextian laws were passed which stated from then on a plebian can be consul but will be called a military tribune instead of consul. The law made it that one consul position was reserved for plebians to vote for the tribune they wished to be consul.

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Question by malcolm tucker: Why is the conservative Texas University Board re-producing history?
They’re re-composing their text guides and it will likely influence the total nation. For instance:

– Thomas Jefferson no lengthier involved between writers influencing the nation’s intellectual origins. Jefferson, a deist who assisted pioneer the legal concept of the separation of church and state, is not a design founder in the board’s judgment. Amongst the intellectual forerunners to be highlighted in Jefferson’s location: medieval Catholic philosopher St. Thomas Aquinas, Puritan theologian John Calvin and conservative British legislation scholar William Blackstone. Large emphasis is also to be placed on the founding fathers having been guided by stringent Christian beliefs.

Thomas Jefferson? Actually? The man who wrote the declaration of independence was not influential in the nation’s intellectual origins?

But region songs is critical to learn about?



Natural Born American: okay…but that won’t modify the fact that he wrote the Declaration of Independence.
lrd00a – state music is described in the article I connected.
Not declaring that Jefferson has been removed from heritage guides. I am stating his relevance is getting downplayed. He wrote the Declaration of independence for God’s sake. That one document set the template for our nation’s intellectual growth. it can be the cornerstone of what it means to be American.

oh and individuals truly think that the liberals ahev altered heritage. ha. this nation is fucked.

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Solution by ndmagicman
I agree. Disgraceful. And these individuals on the Texas board contact by themselves educators? A lot more like lying sacks of crap.

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