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Question by suthrnlyts™: In your opinion, will the Red Beret and Che Guevara t-shirt wearers be looking for a new home to latch onto?
Professor Jones has finally come around on global warming. He admits that for the past 15 years there has been “no statistically significant” warming, and that the world was actually warmer during medieval times. This should essentially put to rest his falsified idea that man has created global warming.


What we are witnessing is essentially the demise of the global warming movement. What movement will the progressives and anti-capitalists glom onto next?

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Answer by Evil Independent
That would be great, I suggest Mexico.

Oh, the next movement. Hmmm, probably attacking Iran in order to get Obama reelected.

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Some great renaissance costume pictures:

The Texas Renaissance Truthful, residence of some great buns!
renaissance costume

Image by Alaskan Dude
I had a chance to check out the Texas Renaissance Reasonable on the 1st weekend of November 2010. I arrived right here expecting a good deal but was totally overwhelmed – not only by the dimensions of the Fairgrounds but by the amount of men and women and acts likely on. I was there for two total days and will not believe I noticed almost everything. The men and women observing was incredible – ah, this was genuinely a photographer’s dream occur true.

Renaissance Maid by Three Sisters
renaissance costume

Image by mharrsch

if you lived throughout the renaissance what would you have hoped would be invented by 2009?
renaissance costume

Picture by oxmour
An individual THROWS A BIBLE AT ME!!!!!!! Portion two of SD’s Coverage – Amanda asks Ren Faire goers to get a small Nostradamus.
here’s the Video clip