Medieval Instances: Dinner & Tournament – NJ

by admin on September 18, 2011

Some cool medieval costume photographs: Medieval Moments: Dinner & Tournament – NJ Image by ChrisGoldNY Medieval Occasions: Dinner and Tournament Picture by ChrisGoldNY Medieval Festival – Vianden, Luxembourg Image by /*dave*/


medieval instances sports activities?

by admin on March 21, 2009

by wallyg Query by E: medieval periods sports? what are some similarities among sports activities from medieval occasions and right now? some sports activities from medieval times are- archery bowling colf gameball hammer throwing hunting shinty horeshoes jousting wrestling baiting skittles and thats mainly it. does any individual know any of these sports activities are […]

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Query by this is madness!!!: What techniques the armies utilized throughout publish-medieval instances? afaik they utilizes pikes and which is all I know, did they alter methods when the inaccurate guns arrived (e.g. arquibuswhatever)? I have observed drawings about the English civil war and they uses pikes ala Greek phalanx. When the guns arrived, did […]