Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ?

by admin on December 28, 2013

by Alaskan Dude Question by Cheri moya: Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ? Is it a pretty big movement? Whats it all about? Is it a Pagan thing or just fun and frolic???? Qurious me Best answer: Answer by S. M.I’m a total nerd for that stuff, but I don’t think it has anything […]


by Alaskan Dude Question by : Can I be locked into stocks at The Texas Renaissance Fair? The public humuliaton ones. This is the example of one: Best answer: Answer by GriffySure Give your answer to this question below!


by Alaskan Dude Concern by Gloomy Birdy: Why do some lady use a coon tail tucked into the back again of her skirt at a renaissance fair? I was not long ago at the ren fest in Shakopee MN, and noticed many females with raccoon tails tucked in the back of their skirts. I have […]


by Renzo Ferrante Question by hindutrinity: Was England a “Christian Nation” when they BANNED all Jews from getting into for 300 many years ? Jews had been banned from entering BRITIAN for 300 many years, right up until Oliver Cromwell authorized their return. In the Middle Ages, lending funds with curiosity – usury – was […]


by mecruns24 Issue by kyle l: does anyone keep in mind a cartoon from numerous many years ago wherever these troopers received into there robot-like armor fits. the match have been kinda gentleman formed and had guns and shit on them. they acquired into these battlesuit and they hooked up in the again of there […]

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