Question by : Information abaout wrought iron and brass object. Chandelier, railing..?
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Wrought iron and Brass – news, style..etc

Does anyone know where i can find some news or articles about wrought iron and brass?
About railing, chandelier, gates, fence .. etc. I am interested in old style. Products as found on this site.

I’m interested about chandeliers style, Byzantine, classical, Gothic, Dutch, medieval, neoclassical, Romanian, rustic …
Anyone knows where i can find information like that?

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Answer by jet-set
Try Google – reclamation sites. They offer all the things you are loooking for.

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Some great renaissance costume photographs:

Standard Khaine, leader of the Iron Wolves, at the A few Barons Renaissance Faire
renaissance costume

Picture by Alaskan Dude
The A few Barons Renaissance Faire is an annual function held every single June for two weekends in Anchorage, Alaska. Because of to other travel plans I was only capable to attend on 1 day this 12 months, and like most of this crappy summer it was a less than excellent day – grey, cold and extremely windy so there was a good deal of dirt finding kicked up. The quantity of players seems lower from prior a long time and due to a scheduling snafu the belly dancers didn’t perform. Regardless of all that it was a first rate event – and we are all hoping for far better luck next 12 months.

Fantastikals – Autumn Fae
renaissance costume

Image by meryddian
Taken at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

The Fantastikals are a team of fairies that play around the grounds… grownups &quotaren’t meant&quot to be able to see them. -) Kids and grownups alike adore them, nevertheless!

Jane the Phoole
renaissance costume

Image by meryddian
Jane the Phoole, as witnessed at Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA.

Possibly my favored shot I’ve taken of Jane the Phoole to date.

Aside from my pondering she’s the most fantastic, energetic, pretty particular person you could ever before hope to meet (both her ‘RL self’ and her ‘performing personality’), Jane the Phoole is a single of my preferred folks to photograph at Faire. She’s dynamic, she’s got a million expressions, and she’s really photogenic – I assume her enthusiasm and perception of humor genuinely come via in this shot.

The Phoole was also recently spotted at the Artwork Institute assisting with the 2008 wreathing of the lions. :-)


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