by dixieroadrash Question by Klakman: Is it possible to bring a katana (Japanese Sword) from Japan to America? I’m going to Japan this summer and I thought it would be cool to get a katana (Japanese Sword). Is it possible to take one on a plane in your suitcase? Please Respond! Best answer: Answer by […]


How can I clean up an old katana blade?

by admin on April 27, 2013

by ronsaunders47 Question by matt_of_asia: How can I clean up an old katana blade? I got a katana from a friend of mine and it is steel. -Unsharpened probably a tourist thing but I like it. I think it needs some cleaning but I am afraid to use steel wool. What kind of things or […]


Katana 8

by admin on January 21, 2013

Some great japanese sword pictures: Katana eight Image by Paul_Ryder Katana six Impression by Paul_Ryder Katana eleven Picture by Paul_Ryder


Question by Driver: Can you get a katana with 47 of the normal achievments and 2 from the legendary or mithic maps achievements? I have 47 achievements and no legendary or mythic map pack achievements in halo 3. I want the katana and I was wondering if I could get the 2 achiements on one […]


Trademark Marble Red Katana Super Set Reviews

by admin on November 12, 2012

Trademark Marble Red Katana Super Set Red/Black 3 Piece Sword Set w/Stand Each sword has a hardwood RED with Black brush finished scabbards. The end caps and hilt are dark silver steel with a decorated design. The black cord wrappings nicely match the scabbard colors. The sword lengths are 21 inch, 31 inch and 40 […]