what kind of bra do i wear under my corset?

by admin on April 30, 2013

Question by Casandra: what kind of bra do i wear under my corset?
my boyfriend bought me a corset offline to wear to the Renaissance fair and it doesn’t have a built in bra. i’ve tried a strapless bra, but i still look flat chested. i don’t know what to look

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Answer by Kassandra
Did your boyfriend buy a corset or a bodice? They are 2 different things.

With a corset, specially if it is an overbust, you do not need a bra, as the busk and the stays will push up your breasts. If it is an underbust, you may or may not use a bra, but I recommend that you do.

With a bodice, you need a bra because bodices have no support system of their own. Any bra that you usually wear will suffice.

“i still look flat chested”. Sorry to say this, but if your breast are small to begin with, a corset or a bodice will not make you look like Pam Anderson.

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What is the name of this kind of weapon?

by admin on February 15, 2013

Question by Chris: What is the name of this kind of weapon?
My dad owns a pair of swords he bought at the Renaissance Fair a long while back. There are two swords, that fit into the scabbard to look like (from the outside of course) like a single sword.

What is this called?

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Answer by Someone Online
two swords that fit into a sheath

you would need to show a picture of the swords, your description is terrible

my guess, they are just two longswords, in Medieval times, they didn’t really use any other swords other than the two handed sword and the small one that is used to pierce the heart

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Issue by animallover: How can I make a quick white or black robe type issue for the Renaissance Fair?
I am going on a area trip tomorrow and I would like to know how I can make 1 to put on about normal outfits. If you have any concepts please let me know!
Many thanks for answering but thats ot what I’m hunting for.

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Reply by Steven D
Why not get a snuggie at the regional Walgreens or Walmart? Put on it like a regular robe. There’s lots of area inside it to cover any type of off period of time clothing.

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Question by Cameron Bob: What sort of medieval sword really should I get?
I’m looking for a real medieval sword to buy off the web. Ideally hand made and quite good hunting. This would be my initial sword also. Ps do you want a licence to have a sword in Canada?

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Solution by william
You really should “try out on” sword and examination it for suitable stability and grip, excess weight is also essential

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