Question by BeeDee: Does anyone know of an organization that donates Halloween Costumes to underprivileged children?
I would like to do a costume drive at my school and collect gently used Halloween costumes, and donate them to a charity. I’ve tried looking some up but cannot find any.

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Answer by Libby Schmitz
go here for info!

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Question by Bill W: We all know bush’s economic policy is wrong. Is this more evidence that his foreign policy is wrong too?
Pakistan order to kill US invaders,25197,24336245-2703,00.html

Leading English-language newspaper The News warned in an editorial that the US determination to attack targets inside Pakistan was likely to be “the best recruiting sergeant that the extremists ever had”, with even “moderates” outraged by it.

The order to retaliate against incursions by “foreign troops”, directed specifically at the 120,000 Pakistani soldiers deployed along the border with Afghanistan, follows US President George W. Bush’s authorisation of US attacks in Pakistan.

Washington’s determination to launch such attacks has caused outrage across Pakistan, with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani last night strongly backing a warning by General Kayani that Pakistan would not allow its territorial integrity to be violated.

Anger at all levels in Pakistani society was summed up last night in The News, not normally sympathetic to the militants. “There is an escalating sense of furious impotence among the ordinary people of Pakistan,” the newspaper said. “Many – perhaps most – of them are strongly opposed to the spread of Talibanisation and extremist influence across the country: people who might be described as ‘moderates’. Many of them have no sympathy for the mullahs and their burning of girls’ schools and their medieval mindset. But if you bomb a moderate sensibility often enough, it has a tendency to lose its sense of objectivity and to feel driven in the direction of extremism. If America bombs moderate sensibilities often enough, you may find that its actions are the best recruiting sergeant that the extremists ever had.”

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Answer by Boo
We liberated two countries. How is that wrong?

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Items You Would Never Know Without The Videos?

by admin on December 19, 2011

Query by Simple B Me: Issues You Would In no way Know With out The Films?
All grocery bags have at minimum a single stick of French Bread.

The Eiffel Tower can be seen from any window in Paris.

All bombs are fitted with electronic timing products with large red readouts so you know precisely when they are heading to go off.

If you require to reload your gun, you will usually have more ammunition, even if you have not been transporting any before now.
Autos that crash will almost always burst into flames.

All phone figures in The us get started with the digits 555.

A single match will be sufficient to light up a place the dimension of RFK stadium.

Medieval peasants had perfect tooth.
The moment utilized, lipstick will never rub off – even while scuba diving.

You can often uncover a chainsaw when you require one.

Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds – unless of course it’s the door to a burning constructing with a youngster trapped inside.

Television news bulletins generally contain a story that impacts you personally at the precise minute that it is aired.

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Response by spirit
The imaginations in people’s minds.

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Problem by Sher: Does anybody know of a great renaissance fair anyplace close to North Carolina? Or someplace in the South East?
I am really interested in the center ages. I would like to take myself and my household to a renaissance fair so that they could enjoy that enjoyment, food and gorgeous music of the medieval times. So if anybody knows of one? Thank you. I have currently checked into the one particular in Greenville, SC. It was today, so I cant go to that a single. Maybe one particular for the summer time? :) Thanks men!

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Response by Ranger
There was 1 a month or so back in the Raleigh area and the next a single I know of in NC will be in the fall near Charlotte. It is in fact north of Charlotte close to the Concord area and not too far from the Charlotte Motor Speedway if you are familiar with the place. I’ve gone to that one a number of occasions and had a blast.

If you can wait until the fall that one particular is a excellent option for families and it will be properly past the hot temperatures of the summer time also. It really is generally pretty gentle to cool weather and just right if you’re interested in wearing costumes. I do not feel I could take the heat of the summer with youngsters and costumes lol.

There are loads of phases with all kinds of enjoyment. Some of it will get fairly bawdy so if you have kids with you that’s one thing you could want to take into account. But there are loads of loved ones acts.

This is a hyperlink to the Charlotte region one particular

The only draw back is that it can get extremely crowded on weekends. I believe Saturday is possibly more so than on Sunday. There are some weekdays that it’s open up but which is aimed at school teams and it will get quite crowded people days with school young children. So will not think a weekday would be far better. Typically it can be not.

Here’s a hyperlink to google maps displaying wherever it is situated. Just zoom in and go to the still left and down a minor from the red marker. That marker is at the entrance. If you follow the road from the marker to the left it takes you to a large parking region and just underneath that you can see the village place and all the phases. Just zoom in and play about a small and you can see the place okay. It really is fairly huge so will not permit this look at fool you.,+Poplar+Tent+Road,+Huntersville,+NC&aq=two&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=36.094886,86.220703&ie=UTF8&hq=Carolina+Renaissance+Festival,+Poplar+Tent+Road,&hnear=Huntersville,+Mecklenburg,+North+Carolina&ll=35.442212,-80.764618&spn=.138174,.3368&t=h&z=twelve

Hope this will help! Have fun!

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Issue by Moon: Does anybody know if there is a medieval/fantasy type village in the United States to dwell at 12 months-round?
I’ve identified many spots that say they’re in advancement, but it’s been many years given that any news has come out about them. I am hoping to discover a local community that lives in a medieval/fantasy lifestyle related to a renaissance faire, but provides year round dwelling. If you have any info, it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

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Response by Yalith
you can pay a visit to but I am not positive about Reside there.

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