Question by wren: What new technological discoveries have been discovered in the last 5 years …?
about the Shroud of Turin ?

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Answer by Cora
A good start.

Unless you mean inventions?

edit: never mind I just read “Shroud of Turin.”

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Question by : AP/Yahoo reporting Angry, Hate-filled rallies, is campaign on its last Legs?;_ylt=AjDNP_Cc70chtilnv1QM7LWs0NUE

Crowds at McCain/Palin rallies have become gatherings of raw anger and intolerance some calling for medieval actions, “off with his head”, to the increasing poll numbers for Barack Obama and slide of their own candidate.

Is this a sign of the end of the line for the McCain campaign?

Does this look and sound like the rallies held in Germany in the early 1930’s?

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Answer by Real
Just think when Obama wins.
They are going to go nuts!

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Concern by Argante Nimue: final minute concepts for a renaissance fair costume?
previous moment concepts for a renaissance fair costume?
ok, ren honest is this weekend!! I had no cash or time to get a costume produced. Any suggestions on what i can do with small to no money for a costume?

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Response by lilgssz
wash vehicles so you can get funds to buy a low cost rennisance coustume

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Question by : What are some good last minute Halloween costume ideas?
So I’ve been thinking about what to be for Halloween, but before I knew it Halloween is in 2 days and we dress up at my school for Halloween. I need some ideas for last minute costumes. I’m not one to go out and buy something that I’m only going to wear once, so I raid my closet and usually put something together. So, what are some good last minute costume ideas that i can whip together by going through my closet?

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Query by flabbergasted: I’ve been viewing Sarah Palin on Fox News the very last few of days on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck. Dumb?
I can not believe they’ could say that Palin is the new face of the Republican Get together. There couldn’t be anything at all more medieval about her. She’s a holy roller who helps make up her own facts to assistance her Jesus obsession. She could not possibly be any more from representing a new route for the GOP
Hearing her babble on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck she’s even dumber than I thought. Every single other sentence that comes out of her mouth is a reference to how God has blessed this state to make it the greatest nation on earth. Probably 3/four of the populace is bankrupt and we’re only surviving as a country because China would not get in touch with in their financial debt and that’s the biggest nation on earth to her. The girl is delusional which I suppose tends to make her excellent for Fox News.

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Reply by LadyB
I assume Palin as the new deal with of the Republican Social gathering is just about right.

She’s a mess and so are they.

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