Problem by Chris K: Why do individuals advocate bans and legal sanctions on anything at all they don’t like? It happened with alcohol, then they determined that was a poor idea. They did it with medication, and they Nonetheless assume it can be a excellent idea.. They are starting it with cigarettes (banned indoors, particular […]


Query by WMartindale: Why are not medieval legal guidelines in England dismissed when they result in harmless individuals to eliminate anything? kingdom/news/post-1094403/Pay out-500-000-God-help-say-few-pressured-medieval-legislation-foot-church-repairs.html Best response: Response by KooKoo MolookooI would just bulldoze the bloody area down. If im paying out for it, i say that can make it my residence and i can do […]


Question by Ross: is it legal to hunt a bear with medieval weapons and wherever can i get large top quality weapons? im hunting for a spot or web site that would offer halberds and spears and shit not just swords…i would want it to be of good adequate top quality for fighting bears not […]