Issue by Hunter: Where can I take medieval sword battling lessons?
Is there a place in Tucson, Az I can take lessons in medieval sword preventing types?

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Solution by Paul S.
Appear for the Tucson chapter of the Modern society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). They meet each Tuesday night in close proximity to the southwest corner of Reid Park around 22nd and Region Club for fighter’s practice (considering that previous I checked). They will instruct you for totally free as prolonged as you are passionate about it and don’t head sporting the appropriate protecting equipment when you actually argue.

If you want official courses, the closest issue you will get is phase combat at the College of Arizona which is not simple to get into at all even for a theatre key.

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Question by chikonhead13: Just bought a throwing knife at the renaissance fair need lessons?
where can i find knife throwing lessons this is a medieval knife and i wanna learn to throw it please no bullshit answers i need serious answers here because i really want to learn the skill like give me URLs
well she gave me a website but i got confused it was part of that sca so thanks i geuss but ima wait for some more answers

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Answer by JKD Man
Assuming the guy who sells them offers no instruction, I bet you could look up someone in your local Society for Creative Anachronism and they would know a teacher.

Aside from that, there’s always YouTube!

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