Problem by : I would like to immigrate to Israel…?
Now I now that only ethnic Jews can do this, but I expand fatigued of what my country has turn into.

Canada was nation started by whites like Samuel de Champlain and John A. Macdonald, and a nation that at 1 time experienced a Prime Minister that said that “Canada need to stay a white colored man’s nation.” (William Lyon Mackenzie King)

Now I have a Prime Minister who spouts the phrase “Diversity is our strength” at all oportunities, blames Canada for our refugee technique that will not let in even much more diseased Mexicans, and a countrywide media who shoves a tale in my confront like this present one particular about Somali born “Canadian” who experienced difficulties acquiring back again into Canada immediately after using a journey to her 3rd entire world hell hole indigenous land, has made a decision to sue the Canadian government because of this (Which signifies that she is suing actual Canadians like me, types who do not have a dash affixed to their identify) and could now be unwell with TB. But don’t worry, guilty white colored Canadian, she’s again home in Montreal now to spread her pestilence.

I listen to that Israel is a small like the Canada of outdated. It is ethnically homogeneous, quite happy of it, has an immigration plan that only allows in ethnic Hews, like Canada’s old immigration insurance policies that favoured whites and kicked the indigenous inhabitants of the existing day nation of its land and has not felt a whit of regret for it simply because they have been standing in the way of development.

I was asking yourself if anybody could support me with details on how a Canadian (English ancestry, given that Canadian isn’t a race any more) might probably be able to immigrate to Israel. The strong group of race and heritage I see there is a single that I would like to be a element of.

I do hope that I will not be prevented from immigrating there because of to my ethnicity, because there seem to be so a lot of Jews in Canada that tell us that wanting an immigration plan that is preferential to whites, like the a single that was in part proposed by the Reform Social gathering a although again (It was to take down Canada’s quota of 250k immigrants a calendar year, of which ninety% are non-white, and minimize it to the racist, bigoted degree of 150k), is racist. I give the example of the Canada’s omnipresent information support CanWest, owned by a Jew by the identify of Leonard Asper. It would look hypocritical that Jews would espouse a “various” homeland for whites – like what is getting completed not just in Canada but in England and France, hell in every European nation – but then would only allow in Jews into the Ethnic homeland for Jews, Israel.

I’ve been informed that Jews have never bore any unwell will to whites at all, and all the hundreds of Pogroms in Medieval Europe, a lot of of which transpired independently of 1 yet another, have been just the result of Jews being made into scape goats. They had been in no way the end result of the machinations and treachery of people Jews, and any effort to make the Jews query themselves about why this has happened and is occurring to them in all the international locations they enter is bigoted, I’m instructed.

Any aid would be tremendously appreciated.

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Response by David
Just how prolonged have you put in their in the last number of several years

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Question by Sky: Could sharia law ever be introduced in civilized countries like the UK?

I am all for this protest I am fine with regular muslims but the ones who segregate themselves and demand that our laws and customs be changed to suit them in our own countries can fuck right off. Sharia law is one of the most medieval law systems and I can’t believe it’s still going on in any country!
I know it never will be because it’s basically just a permission slip for torturing people.
Sufiyan it’s the destiny of the world to eliminate muslims. Your evil ways will not be tolerated by decent society in the future.
Inquisitive Brit do you read the news? There are way too many radical muslims in the UK already. I suppose you didn’t hear about the London bombings? Or that sheik was was caught on film telling his people to rebel against the UK and that they have to have as many children as possible to boost their numbers? That scared the fucking hell out of me!

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Answer by Chop Chops™
it should be done away with, just like jewish law.

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Question by : Is it wierd for a 14 year old to not like the ‘entertainment’ these days?
I like watching the History Channel some times. I dislike the trash on Nick and Disney Channel they all seem like the same show to me. “Omg Nick has a girlfriend, ah!” I don’t want to watch shows like that. I also dislike modern music and popular culture. In fact I don’t pay attention to celebrities at all. I don’t now many of thier names till the news reports there deaths.
I dislike EXTREMELY violent games. The worst game in violence I have played is Medieval II Total War.
I also like Pirates of The Carribean. Though in my school its a “uncool” movie and ‘good’ movies MUST have a sex scene.
I also like the British TV show horrible History. I like history and the humour can be enjoyable.
Is my choice in TV show and video games strange.
My favorite TV show would have to be the Twilight Zone. (My dad grew up in the 60’s and showed me the show when I was 5) If you ask the age of parents in my school it will ver go above the age of 30.
Is my choice in TV shows stange. People say my choice in entertainment is “lame”.
Sorry for the tpos I was typing fast and did not see them.
Some people in my class watch that. I don’t like reality shows either.

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Answer by Rachel
No, good for you. Most things nowadays are just complete garbage anyway.

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What are some online games like Oblivion?

by admin on January 10, 2012

Question by gingegigner: What are some game titles like Oblivion?
I truly like Oblivion, but I already completed it the moment, so it really is obtaining previous. I like becoming ready to steal issues, kill individuals, and interact with anything I want and do nearly anything I want. I detest guns, I like swords, hammers, axes, and so forth. I like becoming capable to customize the player. Medieval setting, maybe not also depressing…. If you know about a gaming like that, make sure you aid! Many thanks!
I’ve currently finished Morrowind as well, and I Actually Loathe GUNS!!!
Okay, Chris… Enough caps lock… Chill…

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Solution by Dillon
The Witcher is a good sport, I’ve heard. And, …
Morrowind? Lol I guess Oblivion is a one particular-of-a-type

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Some cool renaissance wear pictures:

Now for the element of the present we like to call “Mime: caught in an invisible box.”
renaissance wear

Image by colorblindPICASO
A lot more of the stomach dancer present. Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire near Whitehouse Texas.

#eleven – I Spy, with my little eye…..
renaissance wear

Picture by keishkakeishka
I spy, with my tiny eye…. a complete bunch of stuff from way back again in substantial university and shortly there following. Issues from before I moved to Texas (like CTA token and transfer). Points from shortly following I moved to Texas (like awesome buttons). Things from when I moved to Texas permanantly (like a entire lot of McDonald’s toys I snagged working there in high school). Things from way just before large faculty (leather piece from a bracelet worn as evidence of entrance payment payment for a renaisance fair). And following substantial faculty (like a Wal-Mart identify tag, from when my son was only three months old). Move above the notes to see facts.

All of this was packed up in a box for many years. Right up until I essential a kangaroo (which is there somewhere!). Oh, what a MARATHON down memory lane this was! (Can you say stretch?)

Horn man
renaissance wear

Image by pandaposse
Apparently again in the Renaissance numerous individuals wore horns on their head.