Question by Ceit: Where can I find an elven-looking headdress? I’m trying to find an elven-looking headress for a Renaissance fair. The official ones from Lord on the Rings have been discontinued. HELP ME! Best answer: Answer by Scott PDo you read Renaissance Magazine? It’s loaded with ads from makers of all sorts of items […]


Issue by ten pts for me?: Does any individual have a excellent recipe for turkey legs?Like the ones you uncover at a Renaissance fair? Very best solution: Reply by Hailee DBRINE one one/2 cups salt one/2 cup brown sugar one/four cup peppercorns one/4 cup Essence of Emeril, mix (optional) 1 gallon chicken stock 1 gallon […]


by IslesPunkFan Query by Schwarzman: Where can I uncover very low costs of medieval metal armour? I need to have to get costume next Halloween, So I can amaze my close friends with my beautiful armour, and weapons. Best response: Reply by chito™attempt amazon.com here click on this hyperlink as an alternative http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=1246413522/ref=sr_pg_two?ie=UTF8&rs=&key phrases=medival%20costumes&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amedival%20costumes&page=two Know […]


by Ennuipoet Question by xthroughxbrokenxglassx: i need to uncover info on the medieval weapon – a mace (or flanged mace) asap. i need to have use/tradition info.? i identified web sites with replicas but i need data. exclusively it can be cultural importance and use. interesting specifics are welcome. Greatest reply: Answer by iritadragonhttp://otlichnik.tripod.com/medmace3.html http://www.mwart.com/product […]