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Question by suthrnlyts™: In your opinion, will the Red Beret and Che Guevara t-shirt wearers be looking for a new home to latch onto?
Professor Jones has finally come around on global warming. He admits that for the past 15 years there has been “no statistically significant” warming, and that the world was actually warmer during medieval times. This should essentially put to rest his falsified idea that man has created global warming.


What we are witnessing is essentially the demise of the global warming movement. What movement will the progressives and anti-capitalists glom onto next?

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Answer by Evil Independent
That would be great, I suggest Mexico.

Oh, the next movement. Hmmm, probably attacking Iran in order to get Obama reelected.

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Looking for outfits for a Renaissance Fair?

by admin on March 23, 2012

Question by Red: Looking for outfits for a Renaissance Fair?
I’m looking for outfits for my whole family for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I have a husband and a 9 month old. I can’t find much on the web for my son.
Is there companies that sells costumes and/or baby carriers for this time period? If so, please leave a link?

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Answer by *~♥Apple Pie♥~*
Just wondering, do you know someone who can sew? Because I had my last 2 costumes made from a friend of a family, and they turned out awesome!!!

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medieval news
by avlxyz

Query by Kimberlie H: I am looking for a list of aged fashioned nicknames for the title Richard?
many years ago, I keep in mind viewing comic strip in the information paper with the trivia info about the identify Richard and the nicknames that were linked with it again in the Elizabethan era (and medieval era)
These ended up nicnames that had been odd and had no similarities with the identify Richard… one that I specifically remember is “HUDDE”… there ended up other people that I are not able to recall
Now, I am functioning on my loved ones tree and have come throughout what appears to be the exact same particular person… only in 1 listing he is Richard and in the other he is known as Zetic (or Zedock, Zedoc)
I am wanting to find a link amongst these two names…
Does any individual know if there is a single…
Is Zetic (Zadoc, or Zadock or any other spelling of this name) an aged fashioned nickname for Richard…
I would truly recognize any support with this…
I am NOT searching for the common forms of the nicknames… Please… only an individual who is aware of the older kinds… back again to ancient times even…I know there are uncommon nicknames attached to the name Richard… I just are not able to locate them

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Solution by xxlive.laughxx
Well i am not confident if they are previous fashioned but her are some names that sorta have richard in them


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