Question by : Is it easier to learn how to master the japanese katana or a medieval sword?
hi I’m woundering if its easer to learn a japanese katana or a medieval broad sword? I would love to learn one of them but i don’t know which,i would also like to know which would be best suit for me?, i am more of a football style body because thats how i grow , i have a big upper body . i have always loved both but would love to master one. Can anyone help me?

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Answer by RuthAnn
Go for the medieval style.

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Question by King Boston: Does anyone know why Thors hammer from to human has the exact same title as master chiefs armor fit?
I seen that Thor’s hammer is named “Mjolnir” and which is also the name of Grasp Chiefs match I was pondering if this was just a signal of respect to bungie or if any individual understood why it was named right after Grasp Chief?

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Solution by GMI

Halo by no means made up the notion of Thor’s Hammer… they took it from mythology.

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