Audition songs for a Mezzo-Soprano?

by admin on May 14, 2014

Question by Mae: Audition songs for a Mezzo-Soprano?
I’m 15 years old and I am auditioning for a large show in my home town. I’m looking for an audition song, but I only have to sing 16 bars of it. Preferably a classical piece, because the show takes place in the late 1500’s. I don’t have too much training in singing (I do have some), however I have a lot of musical training. The audition is on January 21st, and I’d love to get some help on this! Also: it was just a preference for it to be a classical song because it only seemed fit, and I know directors like that. I was looking at some songs from Les Miserables that could possibly be candidates, too. Thanks!

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Answer by Been There
The opera “Carmen” has the lead role set for a mezzo-soprano. “Habanera” is probably the easiest to sing from this opera:

If you don’t want to sing an operatic voice, I would suggest an old classic song “Simple Gifts”. It is easy to sing, easy to sing a cappella, and you can adjust it easily to sing in whichever key fits your own vocal range. There are enough long notes to develop the richness of your tone:

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