Question by CrazyConservative: Do we need more warming and higher CO2?
If your head is permanently stuck in the sand, you may have missed this article. I am not sure why this has not been covered on the nightly news..wait, oh yea, I do know why, they only run stories which promote AGW. More and more stories are surfacing which shows the benefit of warmer temps. The Romans knew it during the medieval optimum, and we have been lucky enough to benefit. Now if only the supporters would realize it.

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Answer by Chief Pizza
I need to work on my tan

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Problem by : Is making use of a japanese sword a good weapon when fighting in opposition to ten or a lot more men and women?
Like i wanna know can particular person that s very experienced in combine martials and kung fu XD can they beat ten or more people even though employing a japanese sword if so why or why not?

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Solution by Jay L
personally, I would prefer an M-14 with a bayonet

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Issue by Regular girl: What is a lot more expense successful, sewing up my personal renaissance fair costume or buying it?
I took one particular sewing course when i was in high college but i am very good at it.. what is more effective. the dresses i sa won ebay had been arounf 65-seventy five dollars..


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Answer by Cherise Kelley
65 – seventy five is rather reasonable, specially for middle course or noble Renfaire costumes. For peasant garb, you can do better producing it oneself.

The reasonable you system to participate in ought to have workshops that teach you how to make your possess costume, and styles as effectively as rules about which materials you can wear. Never make your costume before you take these workshops, or your costume may not pass and you will have to do all that perform about once again.

For Halloween, just borrow a friend’s Renfaire costume. We use it so significantly we want to be one thing else for Halloween. ) You will get to that stage, too.

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Question by Bill W: We all know bush’s economic policy is wrong. Is this more evidence that his foreign policy is wrong too?
Pakistan order to kill US invaders,25197,24336245-2703,00.html

Leading English-language newspaper The News warned in an editorial that the US determination to attack targets inside Pakistan was likely to be “the best recruiting sergeant that the extremists ever had”, with even “moderates” outraged by it.

The order to retaliate against incursions by “foreign troops”, directed specifically at the 120,000 Pakistani soldiers deployed along the border with Afghanistan, follows US President George W. Bush’s authorisation of US attacks in Pakistan.

Washington’s determination to launch such attacks has caused outrage across Pakistan, with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani last night strongly backing a warning by General Kayani that Pakistan would not allow its territorial integrity to be violated.

Anger at all levels in Pakistani society was summed up last night in The News, not normally sympathetic to the militants. “There is an escalating sense of furious impotence among the ordinary people of Pakistan,” the newspaper said. “Many – perhaps most – of them are strongly opposed to the spread of Talibanisation and extremist influence across the country: people who might be described as ‘moderates’. Many of them have no sympathy for the mullahs and their burning of girls’ schools and their medieval mindset. But if you bomb a moderate sensibility often enough, it has a tendency to lose its sense of objectivity and to feel driven in the direction of extremism. If America bombs moderate sensibilities often enough, you may find that its actions are the best recruiting sergeant that the extremists ever had.”

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Answer by Boo
We liberated two countries. How is that wrong?

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The time for diplomacy is more than

by admin on November 22, 2011

Some calme medieval pike pictures:

The time for diplomacy is over
medieval pike

Picture by owenhurrell

The Kings fights Edward the usurper
medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell

medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell