Question by geeks_gadgets: Why are Christians the most persecuted religion in the world?
You may say “Christian are violent, or liars, or whatever you want. But when you compare them with other religions, they are not. At least not the real Christians. Why are Christians then the most persecuted?

And don’t tell me they are not persecuted. Stop watching “fox news” and look at the international channels.

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Answer by DcubeD
I’ll argue that they’re not, but they should be.

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Question by Jade Rat: What sword was the most effective in history?
As in like, the Japanese Katana, the Roman Gladius, Scottish Claymore things like that.

What had the biggest impact? Was was the most balanced?

I think, the Japanese Katana was the best, It was light, very durable folded sometimes as many 900 times, it wasn’t much for cutting though thick metal armor though- although the Japanese preferred lighter leather armor at the time.

It was so effective, it was doubled as a shield in the hands of a skilled swordsmen.

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Answer by miltonfinster
The ExCalibur

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Question by : What weapon killed the most people, roman gladius sword or the ak47?
Surely there the two top killers, but if there’s another weapon what killed 100s of thousands of people please let me know

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Answer by Derric
Winter and cold enviroments have killed more people than both of those combined.

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Query by Wolfie: Do most folks dress up for the Renaissance fair?
I’m pondering of likely out to the Maryland Renaissance Fair and I’m not confident what to assume. I’m considering of dressing up, as are the folks coming with me. My pal is stitching her own medieval gown, and claims fantasy costumes are common too.
So, I was pondering of producing a small elf archer costume. Is this strange, for the Ren Fair? I do not genuinely know if most folks gown us, so, will I seem like an idiot?
Thank you.

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Answer by Bewner Salad
Only if your by yourself. I bear in mind when i was younger my parents took me and my sister and it was like some people had been dressed up, so it isnt uncommon, but if theyre by yourself tis kinda weird. Remain with your team, and dont do elf ears. Its not a sport convention

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