Question by Nena: What would be a good name for a medieval newspaper?
I’m doing a project on the middle ages and need help with a clever magazine title.
Any suggestions?

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Answer by Pinky
Feudalism Times

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Question by Mike: What is the name of the game played with three sticks?
One of the sticks has tassels on each end, and the object is to keep the tasseled one spinning. You can see them in the Free Credit report song based in the renaissance fair

You can see a guy in the background with them. Please Help!

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Answer by Rpm
i cant remember the name but they are a type of juggling apparatus not really a game

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What is the name of this kind of weapon?

by admin on February 15, 2013

Question by Chris: What is the name of this kind of weapon?
My dad owns a pair of swords he bought at the Renaissance Fair a long while back. There are two swords, that fit into the scabbard to look like (from the outside of course) like a single sword.

What is this called?

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Answer by Someone Online
two swords that fit into a sheath

you would need to show a picture of the swords, your description is terrible

my guess, they are just two longswords, in Medieval times, they didn’t really use any other swords other than the two handed sword and the small one that is used to pierce the heart

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medieval halberd
by Ma1974

Query by Tim: Won’t be able to remember aged dos game’s identify?
In my quest to bear in mind all the aged game titles I played I have found most all of them. But this a single nevertheless eludes me. I never have a lot to go on. It was a rpg type online game that had a best down see of you transferring by way of different screens (zelda one like). The battle program was true time and you used medieval weapons to eradicate your enemies. I remember distinctly the halberd getting one that I used the most, just due to the fact it was wherever I figured out what the phrase halberd meant. I can not bear in mind significantly much more than that. It had to have arrive out someday in the mid to late 80s.

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Solution by Winston
Winston states…

Acquire more cards.

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Question by Matthew: What was the title of the movie about a male who created a suit of metal armor and a bike and robbed financial institutions?
In the film I don’t forget, the principal character built a match of armor from a scraps and a trash can, and a bike from scraps too, to rob financial institutions like a robin-hood to save the island he lived on from currently being marketed. He gets shot alot like its absolutely nothing, and everyone makes fun of him since his armor looks ridiculous.

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Solution by Cryptophenylketonuric

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