Question by Nena: What would be a good name for a medieval newspaper?
I’m doing a project on the middle ages and need help with a clever magazine title.
Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by Pinky
Feudalism Times

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Medieval Newspaper?

by admin on January 7, 2011

Query by mk: Medieval Newspaper?
Any imaginative newspaper title for the middle ages/ medieval occasions? Remember to no “Medieval Instances” or “Knightly Information.”


Very best response:

Response by Drafter_Guy
The Every day Enlightenment (forshadowing the Age of Enlightenment that followed the middle ages)

The Inquisitor (clearly referring to the Spanish Inquisition)

The Day-to-day Crusader (the crusades)

The Every day Plague (I’m picturing a parody of the National Enquirer, or Globe Weekly News)

The Daily Vassel

The Daily Fief

Feudalism Right now

The (insert city) Lord

King and Nation

The (insert town) Compass (as the Compass was intented in the Middle ages

The Sextant (like a compass, also utilized for navigation, not as opposed to a newspaper could be a manual)

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