Question by Driver: Can you get a katana with 47 of the normal achievments and 2 from the legendary or mithic maps achievements?
I have 47 achievements and no legendary or mythic map pack achievements in halo 3. I want the katana and I was wondering if I could get the 2 achiements on one of those maps. I don’t have legendary completion or marathon man.

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Answer by Colonna45
yea but u might need 1000 gamerscore in halo 3 too and the katana is glitched so u may need even more acheviments

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Question by Russell E: What is the difference between a katana 600 and a normal gsxr 600?
Please im thinking about buying a new bike and the one I found online is a katana but I dont want to buy it if its not what I want.
I always wanted a sports bike but never had enough money to buy one till now. I had 1980 kz750 up untill a couple months ago when i sold it that i rode for about 6 months or so. I want the bike for recreational rides i already have a truck to commute.

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Answer by The Champ
The GSX-R is a highly focused track tool with a very narrow powerband, close gearing, unforgiving handling, relentlessly responsive brakes, and a ruthlessly commited riding position.

The GSX600 (Katana) is more of a economy commuter with an ancient chassis and engine design. It is also a heavy, softly sprung wallowy pig, and has wooden brakes.

Dont buy either one.

Update with your riding experiance (have you ridden dirt bikes, do you have a rebel 250, are you a Moto GP champion etc) and how you intended to use the bike you want to buy (commuting, short recreational rides, touring, trackdays etc) and I will suggest a good bike.

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