Question by ♥Rose♥: How do I get pictures off my Katana cell phone onto my computer?
I have a Sprint Katana Cell Phone. We do not have a plan with internet access or picture mail capabilities. We had heard that you could use a blue tooth to get the pictures off the camera and on to our computer. One was purchased, but the pictures on the phone wouldn’t show up with the option to transfer them onto the computer. All my contacts in my cell phone showed up, but that was about it. Any ideas?

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Answer by amber s
My mom had to buy a memory chip that she could ut into the computer to get her pics from her phone to her computer…

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medieval news
by Djof

Question by suthrnlyts™: In your opinion, will the Red Beret and Che Guevara t-shirt wearers be looking for a new home to latch onto?
Professor Jones has finally come around on global warming. He admits that for the past 15 years there has been “no statistically significant” warming, and that the world was actually warmer during medieval times. This should essentially put to rest his falsified idea that man has created global warming.


What we are witnessing is essentially the demise of the global warming movement. What movement will the progressives and anti-capitalists glom onto next?

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Answer by Evil Independent
That would be great, I suggest Mexico.

Oh, the next movement. Hmmm, probably attacking Iran in order to get Obama reelected.

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