by Charlie Day DaytimeStudios Question by Steven White: Writing a paper for English about rennaissance time period? I have to write a 3-5 page paper on the renaissance and I was going to write about the fairs but upon lookin up info for the renaissance fairs I found not a lot. I need something that […]


Question by E: is this a excellent paper about medieval times? is this a very good paper. im in 7th grade and im writing about medieval sports. i nevertheless have two more papers to write but this is the first. what do i require to correct? Sports in the medieval occasions In the medieval times […]

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Q&A: assist with my medieval news paper?

by admin on November 3, 2010

Question by marie: help with my medieval news paper? what would be a excellent cover story for this newspaper i have to make for college, i need to have large activities of the medieval occasions, i was heading to do the hundrad many years war, but i think there are also many events for a […]


by Municipalidad de Peñalolén Question by laura: How much would a medieval news paper cost during medieval times? How much would a news paper cost in medieval times? And what was the currency? I have to do this silly project about a medieval times newspaper… and he said you need to have a price, what […]