Question by Alex H: Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?
Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?

I have a friend who is the same height as me and I wanted to do something funny together for Halloween. I am 20/ 5 4″/ and a guy. People say we look like each other also. I have already heard ideas like umpa lumpa, smurfs, hobbits, muchkin and I wanted to hear other creative ideas. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Abhishek
have you thought of The Deadliest Catch theme

believe me for two friends this is a really cute and good theme

i can suggest some more if you can give some idea about your friend ,i mean your friend is a girl or boy

you can see the deadliest catch here (first pic in last row)

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How ignorant can these people be?

by admin on September 16, 2012

Query by Gavin R: How ignorant can these folks be?
A information tale on shows that lose to 36% of pastors inform their parishioners with emotional or emotional difficulties that it is a spiritual problem and that they need to have to pray. It also noted that liberal churches never do this quite a lot.
This was the normal reaction of the historical and medieval Church (the doctors of the day were not extremely excellent anyways). But when it came to schizophrenia, Christianity was specific that this was a situation of demonic possession, and if the poor target claimed “I am Jesus,” he or she would be burned at the stake. People with main depressive illnesses, i.e. despair, ended up sinful. Islam at the exact same time period was significantly more rational in the remedy of psychotics.
Now we have science, and though there are nonetheless several discussions in the area of psychology, they all agree that schizophrenia wants to be handled with treatment. Telling them go go pray is ludicrous, unprofessional, backwards, silly and idiotic. Who agrees with me?

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Answer by cb52211
I guess it may well be somewhat of a placebo for the sufferer. By believing God will treat them, they will begin to truly feel much better. Placebo cures are extremely efficient, so if the man or woman firmly believes that they will be healed, then they probably will get healed.

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Question by : What weapon killed the most people, roman gladius sword or the ak47?
Surely there the two top killers, but if there’s another weapon what killed 100s of thousands of people please let me know

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Answer by Derric
Winter and cold enviroments have killed more people than both of those combined.

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Problem by AllFuslimsareMaggots: Why are so a lot of Black and Indian(non-Muslim) individuals voting BNP?
In which does this hatred of Pakistani Muslims arrive from? The extremist fascist views against non-Pakis? , the medieval like family sizes- the eagerness to declare as significantly benift as doable- whilst “biting the hand that feeds” ? kingdom_politics/4915096.stm
Muslims and BNP are 1 and the very same

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Response by Below Stress
It’s not frequently you get these elegant men and women on right here, thank God.

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