Question by Steven White: Writing a paper for English about rennaissance time period?
I have to write a 3-5 page paper on the renaissance and I was going to write about the fairs but upon lookin up info for the renaissance fairs I found not a lot. I need something that there is a lot of information about and that I can easily write 3-5 pages double spaced. Help please.

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Answer by ME!
Talk about…
the difference between the rich/poor (describe 1 paragraph for the rich, 1 for the poor, and 1 comparing the two)
the hardships of the rennaissance period

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The Longman Anthology of Planet Literature, Volume I (A,B,C): The Ancient Entire world, The Medieval Era, and The Early Modern Period (2nd Version)

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Problem by Richie: Was the Medieval Heat Period a lot warmer even than 1998? messages-row-deepens–Russians-admit-DID-ship-them.html

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Answer by Scorpio Wild Card
Certainly it was, and any person who thinks 1998 was the warmest 12 months on file ever, nicely, is plainly improper…

Why? Due to the fact they failed to live then, so how would they know…

GW is a hoax, Climate Adjust or what ever they get in touch with it now, it’s been masked so many moments… who knows! It is a hoax and it will go down in history as a hoax.

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