by Emily Barney Issue by The Walrus: What Beatles songs would be excellent to play at a Renaissance Fair? My band received a gig at a Renaissance Fair at our school, but we want to perform The Beatles. What songs are okay? Greatest response: Answer by invoice kNorwegian Wood Her Majesty When I am 64 […]


by Crafitti Question by Riklionheart: what is thew finest fashion of sword play oriental or western? (samurai vs. knight)? with out armor Greatest answer: Answer by papecheA knight fighting in hefty armor, with a major sword, in opposition to one more male in the identical would seem to be sluggish motion and awkward as opposed […]

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by 1 lucky guy Question by ThumbWarDestroyer: If i play electric guitar does my preferred medieval weapon have to be an axe/battle axe? subject. It may seem foolish haha. But I feel like I play a sweet Gibson SG…does that suggest I have to grow to be an axe male in real lifestyle too ) […]