Question by moriah: how much does it cost to rent a texas renaissance fair costume? im really going to the texas renaissance festival this friday and i want to know how a lot income to deliver and i do not know how a lot it charges to hire a costume… does anybody know what the […]


Issue by broken: For any declare on how liberals are total supporters of Islam at the expense of other religions…? Do individuals forget about a thing? Several of them might effectively be anti-religion in general. And how about “severe Leftists”? Here is a Communist who seemed to show the veil reminded him of “medieval traditions” […]


by zpeckler Question by Chuck Norris: How significantly would it charge to build a suit of military armour that seemed like this? Life dimension. Best answer: Remedy by biggdaddy!If you have to ask you can’t pay for it! “America’s youth have drank the poisoned kool-aide of a presidential candidate who is only very good […]


Behold! The awful price of treason!

by admin on June 24, 2011

Some cool medieval pike pictures: Behold! The terrible value of treason! Image by A single fortunate man No saracens have been harmed in the generating of this photo. Ha! That fake severed head was simply the most entertaining prop I actually took to a renaissance faire. Lots of jaws dropped and children wondered, &quotIs it […]


by SMercury98 Question by coolsambushido: Where can I find handforged colorful Samurai katana swords at cost-effective price? I am hunting for true handforged Samurai fashion katana swords, and was instructed that Paulchen and Hanwei are the best, but they are actually high-priced. So I am contemplating if some real handmade excellent katana swords as Paulchen,Hanwei, […]

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