Producing medieval armour?

by admin on November 1, 2011

medieval hammer
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Question by Rachel: Making medieval armour?
I’m a sword fighter- I adore it. I do falconry and archery- it is time i have expanded my repitoir to armoring as properly.

As university as a senior i have entry to a full metal store with materials and every thing from industrial welding and braising tools, a plasma cutter, great old hammers and a huge forge.

Can any one particular advise some posts or movies on how to do items like make bracers or spaulders or epaulets- any issue actually- with the equipment i have entry to?

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Solution by Dracona K
Loo up the SCA (society of innovative anachronism). If you go to an celebration, there are typically a lot of specialist armorers who may possibly be capable to give you directions.

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Query by cleavon_flojo: what are the fundamental guidelines of making a medieval shield?
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Solution by Tiger Guy
search it up on google

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