Question by Keely: Recommendations for how to make medieval weapons for a quality four class undertaking – a flail, protect and sword.?

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Solution by Monika
Use cardboard!

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Query by Elizabeth Cresswell: Where can I acquire a Extremely excellent quality Medieval sword?
My eighteen-yr-old is taking sword fighting lessons. For Christmas I would like to give her a medieval-type sword that is excellent for overcome. I never want a thing that is also high-priced I’d recognize anything $ a hundred or a lot less. I can not genuinely manage significantly a lot more. Her apply sword is quite alright, not her dream sword, which I know is Medieval.

Where can I search online for a great sword like this? As I understand from past purchases with ebay, it can not be trusted.

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Answer by Ricky


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Question by Ross: is it legal to hunt a bear with medieval weapons and wherever can i get large top quality weapons?
im hunting for a spot or web site that would offer halberds and spears and shit not just swords…i would want it to be of good adequate top quality for fighting bears not just a wall screen

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Response by Bob Ross
my buddy just shot a bear up in canada these days. i just imagined you really should know

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