received to consider the helmet

by admin on November 5, 2011

Check out these medieval helmet photographs:

acquired to consider the helmet
medieval helmet

Image by redcargurl

16th century fluted armet
medieval helmet

Picture by Arutemu
sixteenth century fluted armet helmet from the man-at-arms armour

In complete armor
medieval helmet

Picture by dogwatcher
Seen in Hermannsburg (Germany), on the medieval festival there (May possibly 2009). Editing with GIMP 2.six

And indeed.. these are the real eyes. Seems fairly artificial, I know. Still have to tinker with some specifics of this picture…


Issue by kyle l: does anyone keep in mind a cartoon from numerous many years ago wherever these troopers received into there robot-like armor fits.
the match have been kinda gentleman formed and had guns and shit on them. they acquired into these battlesuit and they hooked up in the again of there neck and the suits talked. they were in room but i dont don’t forget what there enemies have been like…dang this sound stupid lol. this cartoon was from several a long time in the past. like ten many years in the past…idk how i nonetheless bear in mind it.

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Response by jason g
Battletech, probably?

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