by The Armatura Press Question by MIkey D: What roman sword has a hook on the end of the blade? approximately 19 inches long and very sharp double edged.? Best answer: Answer by MookNot sure of a Roman one. What about: Falchion swords are a one-handed, single-edged sword of European origin, whose design is reminiscent […]


Question by Hræsvelgr: Roman sword or Japanese sword, which was stronger? Say, between the most finely crafted roman and japanese swords, which were the most powerful And Damascus Swords? Best answer: Answer by GakupoFrom what i have observed, the Japanese swords are far superior to roman swords. What do you think? Answer below!


Cool Roman Sword photos

by admin on July 30, 2012

A few great roman sword images I found: Bonn: Unidentified infantryman Graphic by The Armatura Press Tombstone of an unidentified infantryman from Bonn. Detail of belts and ‘apron’. Éspérandieu 6254 H: one.08m W: .78m Th: .22m Bonn: Unidentified infantryman Picture by The Armatura Press Tombstone of an unidentified infantryman from Bonn. Common look at. Éspérandieu […]


by georgeogoodman Question by Anthony M: How do I clean my Roman Gladius Sword? I have a katana cleaning kit, do I use that for my Roman Gladius? Here is what my sword is: Best answer: Answer by Dood (7th account)ask this in the swords or knives section or something. You’d have better answers. […]


Cool Roman Sword images

by admin on July 20, 2012

Some cool roman sword images: Evil Roman Image by quinet An evil pagan Roman shows no mercy towards Christian children – but the Christians would get their own back for sure – Barcelona 2011