33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab

  • 33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab
  • 440 Stainless Metal Blade
  • 27″ Blade Unsharpened
  • Steel, Wood, and Leather wrapped Scabbard
  • UPS 5 Day Floor Delivery

The Viking sword is a new sort of spatha, evolving out of the Migration Interval sword in the 8th century, and evolving into the classical knightly sword in the 11th century with the emergence of larger crossguards. Viking swords are generally about 37 inches in length all round and will, particularly towards the later portion of the time period, display rising taper in the direction of the position and a deeper central fuller in the center of every blade deal with. Pattern welding diminishes throughout the center of this epoch to be

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Value: $ 43.90


Medieval Crusader Chivalry Knight’s Prolonged Sword w/ Scab

  • 39″ Entire Size One particular Hand Medieval Chivalry Crusader Knight Steel Sword w/ Scabbard
  • Stainless Metal blade, unsharpened
  • Wood created scabbard with artifical leather wrap and metal throat and drag
  • LOTR King Sword design deal with
  • 28″ Blade

This the Extended Sword of our Knight’s Chivalry Medieval Selection. The blade has been constructed from Carbon Metal with a dulled edge. A ridge runs down the center of the blade. The guard is an Oakeshott Form XVIIIb.

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Value: $ 44.95