Question by : oregon christmas parade attempted bomber – what should happen to this man/boy?

his plan failed but it this story is to be believed, he would have definitely gone through with it. what do you think should happen to people like this? I wouldn’t object to a medieval type of justice to be served up in cases like this. he would have wiped out whole families if he had his way.

is his age a mitigating factor? is he the victim of brainwashing? is he mentally ill? or is he just a bad person who deserves the worst suffering imaginable?
to Paul Jackson – there is one important difference between me and them. I would do it as punishment/retribution. they would inflict a medieval act randomly on innocent people they have never met.

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Answer by rkbtoo
either life in prison or the death penalty would be good

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Q&A: What should I wear to the renaissance fair?

by admin on February 11, 2012

Question by bassguitarbabex: What should I wear to the renaissance fair?
I dont have alot of money and i dont wanna pay more then 30 dollars for somthing.
I have this purple cloak my mom made too but i wouldnt know wat to wear underneath it…
help and any ideas cheap?
thanks lol

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Answer by scarycoon

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Question by Pibb: For a renaissance fair I have to get ready foods from that time.What ought to I make?
We’re getting a huge renaissance fair at college on April twentieth and I signed up to provide foods.But I cannot genuinely discover anything at all straightforward to cook or bake.All of the recipes that I seem up incorporate strange items like pheasants or figs.

Do you know something that tastes excellent and is kinda simple to cook or bake,that’s from the renaissance era?

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Solution by TheAnonymousGit
You could make soup in a bread bowl, or large turkey legs, or sweet potato fries. Those are all items we have at the Renaissance fair I go to.

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Question by Cameron Bob: What sort of medieval sword really should I get?
I’m looking for a real medieval sword to buy off the web. Ideally hand made and quite good hunting. This would be my initial sword also. Ps do you want a licence to have a sword in Canada?

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Solution by william
You really should “try out on” sword and examination it for suitable stability and grip, excess weight is also essential

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