by Rockin Robin Issue by Mike: How to check created hammers/restore the broken sword on sims medieval? In the blacksmith hero quests u can go entice chinchilla and ur supposed to make 2 hammers for the hunters but I created the hammers now it says check them and I do not know where/how to do […]


Query by nuts goop: in sims medieval what is the greatest sword and armour? hey, in the sims medieval i require greater armour and swords for my monarch level10 and i have a level 10 blacksmith so i can get nearly anything. also does the flame enchantment make a sword better if so how do […]

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Question by Emilee Woods: How do you develop an adamantle hammer on Sims Medieval? I am caught on the chinchilla quest. I was ready to develop and test the Mythrile hammer but cant seem to be to forge the adamantle hammer. Finest answer: Answer by ♫ՖքØØķ¥♫You have to incorporate adamantle and a cruddium hammer. So […]