Question by Ryan Tyhurst: Can you help me come up with a situation that is similar to this one but different?
For instance, I might say, had I jumped forward from medieval times and had never seen a TV
before, that it appeared that there was a very tiny man behind a very tiny desk trapped behind the glass presenting to me the evening news. This would be my subjective conception of it, formed only from my observations without any outside reflection on it. Stepping outside of that, reflecting on what is happening, and researching a bit in to modern technology, I would come to find out about video cameras and how television shows were broadcast. This would be my objective conception of it. I could also say, objectively, that, while at first appearance it did understandably seem to be a tiny man and desk trapped behind glass, I am now sure that it is not. In this way the objective viewpoint obviously trumps the subjective viewpoint, while still explaining how the subjective viewpoint would be arrived at.

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Answer by الشفقة والرحمة
I think I have answered this question twice but it keeps disappearing. It had to do with a tidal wave being the hand of god or a set of fractals.

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