Question by What are some awesome Halloween costume ideas?
I’m not sure what to be for Halloween and I need some amazing ideas. I’m looking for something that not many people will be, and preferrably scary, but it can also be funny or cute too. Any ideas are greatly appreciated, also, tell me what to wear for the costume. So what are your ideas?

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Answer by crazy_apple
a whoope cushion or a witch. that’s what i would be lol i saw those costumes at wal-mart and they’re pretty cool.

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Question by Y: What are some very good halloween costume ideas?
I need a really god halloween costume idea! I have a costume get together to go to on Halloween and I want to dress to impress. I would like one thats not way too slutty, but nonetheless can make me look cute/pretty. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont want to be anything at all bloody or gory!

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Response by Robert
effortless get a box that will fit your human body and spray paint it your favourite solor..then get picnic cups and splay paint htem the same colour and glue them on the box so htat they look like a leggo…

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Question by .: What are some costume ideas for a renaissance fair for a guy and for a girl?

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Answer by T
I made my boyfriend’s Ren Faire costume at the last minute – it’s easy for guys. Take an old white dress shirt, rip off all the buttons, rip off the collar, rip off the cuffs.

hand stitch the center together but leave the top open so he can pull it over his head. then use a hole punch to put holes on either side of the neck part – then you can use string, a bit of rope, leather, whatever you have – lace it through the holes. Then leave it untied on top…sexy! He can wear it with docks, chinos, whatever nondescript nonjeans he has.

For a girl, you just need a full skirt and a loose blouse. Again, you can create a corset if you want by doing the same sewing / ripping / creating lace holes as above.

Try to remove all the modern things: zippers, buttons, etc. Go for solid colors and whites rather than patterns. Wear sandals.

And weave flowers in your hair!

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Question by : What are some CREATIVE Halloween costume ideas for two girls?
I always have quite a conundrum when it comes to halloween costumes. My least favorite thing to do is go to some store and buy a slutty costume, so this year my friend and I decided we’d do a group thing. We’re looking for something cute, creative, and possibly homemade. We both are brunettes except I’m short and she’s very tall. All ideas are appreciated! Thank you!

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Answer by IeuanBarker
Dress as hookers hahaha

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Concern by Gloomy Birdy: Why do some lady use a coon tail tucked into the back again of her skirt at a renaissance fair?
I was not long ago at the ren fest in Shakopee MN, and noticed many females with raccoon tails tucked in the back of their skirts. I have been unable to find it this has any importance. Does any person know? Many thanks so significantly!

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Solution by tori_lynn_1904
im asking yourself wassup with that too

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