Wonderful Medieval Spear photographs

by admin on September 15, 2011

Some cool medieval spear images:

medieval spear

Picture by Robbert Veen
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Stand quickly!
medieval spear

Picture by One particular lucky man
For if God be pleased we shall have victory this day!

A army of crusader knights make their stand.

Sir Clifford de Beaumanoir and Sir Hugh FitzHamilton return from Palestine to get pleasure from some very good English weather conditions
medieval spear

Image by One particular fortunate guy
It rained half the day. Our gilt was all besmirched, but our hearts have been in the trim!


Cool Medieval Spear images

by admin on September 13, 2011

Some cool medieval spear photographs:

A Knight searching into the long term
medieval spear

Picture by One fortunate man
And lo, the knight of cross beheld a vision centuries in the potential.

Timeline conversation
medieval spear

Image by 1 fortunate man

Guarding the postern gate
medieval spear

Picture by A single fortunate man


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Wonderful Medieval Spear images

by admin on October 26, 2009

A few good medieval spear images I discovered:

Carcassonne de nuit (Ouest)
medieval spear

Image by Djof
View of Cité de Carcassonne from the West, on the path leading to the Porte de l’Aude.

The fifty percent-circle tower is gallo-roman. It is developed in a mixture of tiny stones and bricks, as was considerably of the older reduce internal wall. This tower has huge windows to facilitate the utilization of spears. For the duration of medieval periods these windows were closed by a wood entice that could be lifted just sufficient to hearth a bow or crossbow.

Note that the towers did not initially have roofs and the &quotwindows&quot that can be seen at the best of the towers are truly crenelations. The roofs were added by Viollet-le-Duc in the course of the 19th century renovation to protect the towers. Far more on this at the next picture.

The Cité is a UNESCO Wortd Heritage web site considering that 1997.

The moment once more the photo was used by balancing the digital camera on a reduced wall. A single second coverage.

Smiting the Dragon of Sin
medieval spear

Image by The National Archives United kingdom
Description: The Archangel Michael spears a beast with &quotthe strength of God&quot in a page from the Black E-book of the Exchequer.

Date: 13th century

Our Catalogue Reference: E 36/266

This picture is from the collections of The Nationwide Archives. Experience totally free to reveal it inside the spirit of the Commons.

For substantial high quality reproductions of any item from our collection make sure you speak to our picture library.


Query by antonio: The spears or boar spear is a medieval simple device employed to destroy animal or in battle.?
What variety of easy device is it ?

Best answer:

Reply by Syntinen Laulu
The boar spear was a spear utilised – shock! – for killing wild boars. Like all spears, it was a prolonged pole with a pointed blade at the finish. The particular function of the boar spear was that it had a cross-piece behind the blade. This was needed due to the fact if a wild boar costs at you and you stick a narrow-bladed spear into him, he will just carry on charging even however his charge is ramming your spear appropriate through his body, and can get to you and injure or destroy you. The cross-piece was developed to prevent this taking place.

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