A number of great renaissance wear pictures I identified:

Hm… did the mother not get the memo about wearing stripes? Actually folks, why do I even bother composing these memos if you aren’t heading to read them?
renaissance wear

Image by colorblindPICASO
Aspect of the crowd observing the stomach dancing show. Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire close to Whitehouse Texas.

2008-08-sixteen Golden Gate Renaissance Festival (06)
renaissance wear

Picture by juverna
Rachel wearing a mask she wished to buy

Lovely blonde with a excellent smile sporting a toga (IMG_9150a)
renaissance wear

Picture by Alaskan Dude
I had a chance to pay a visit to the Texas Renaissance Honest on the 1st weekend of November 2010. I came here expecting a whole lot but was totally overcome – not only by the measurement of the Fairgrounds but by the number of individuals and acts likely on. I was there for two total days and do not believe I found every thing. The people viewing was unbelievable – ah, this was truly a photographer’s dream arrive true.


Query by Ryan: Would wearing a fit of armor make you more suceptable to electric power?
I have asked a related query before, but I said “lightning” which looks to have been a blunder. Lets say you touch a fairly gentle electric latest while sporting a suit of armor. Would the metal armor cause the electrical power to hurt you much more or would it carry out some of the electrical power away from you? Basically I’m composing a guide and I’m wondering if some magic electricity would be more or less effective versus a heavily armored opponent.

Best response:

Response by Dean L
It is dependent, electricity likes to discover the most efficient way to the floor.

If the armor touched the floor, and your skin by some means was not touching the armor, the electricity would avoid you completely.
Nonetheless, if the armor was not touching the floor, your body under its lowest point would bear the total pressure of the shock.
If the armor went all the way to the ground but was touching your skin, it would most probably get the brunt of the shock, but you would still come to feel it.
What ever the case, it will not likely intensify the electrical shock. Wish that aids.

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