Query by Donc je suis: What gauge steel is very best for medieval armor? I want to get a purposeful suit of armor (for various good reasons). As you may know, suits of armor are amazingly high-priced particularly if they are wearable. I discover there are many different fits with different gauges of steel. I […]


Query by rec lady: What is the greatest technique to thoroughly clean a metal medieval design helmet that is tarnished? Best response: Response by firstythirstyWith polish. It might consider a number of periods, but it should get it clean and shiny. Add your individual solution in the comments!


33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab 33″ Medieval Metal Viking Worrior Spatha Battle Sword &Scab 440 Stainless Metal Blade 27″ Blade Unsharpened Steel, Wood, and Leather wrapped Scabbard UPS 5 Day Floor Delivery The Viking sword is a new sort of spatha, evolving out of the Migration Interval sword in the 8th […]