Issue by Female with the eco-friendly shoes: Sweet 16 get together themes and ideas! you should aid!? my spending budget is about $ 2,five hundred and appropriate now we only have the place im going to have it which is a rectangular room with really substantial ceilings and spacious but I dont know what to […]


by One lucky man Question by Courtney Waters: What is a medieval mace? is it some type of weapon? Description please!? ?? Best reply: Response by Feed Me Solutions!It is a sort of club. A striking head affixed to a wooden or metal deal with. It can be purely spherical, spiked, or flanged. It is […]


by wallyg Question by Don D: I have perhaps a German battle axe that I feel is Medieval, though might be Germanic tribal. Please assist!!? The axe was brought back again from Germany from WWII. Taken from a bombed out German constructing. The axe is one sided, with an eagle’s head on the opposite aspect. […]

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